Ruly’s 1st Album



First album!
This is our original music from Ruly’s.

All the music composed by Etsuko Takabayashi and produced by Ruly’s.

Etsuko’s music background is classic piano.She’s been playing piano since she was 3 years olds.
But also she plays Blues,Jazz and Funk music and loves electronic dance music, especially “Tech House”.

She’s lived many countries,many years. It’s made her more into the world music. So it’s said that this first album is mixed with “classic piano” and “world pop music”. You’ll see something new and old in it. Enjoy!

Ruly’s owns the copyright of our music. Many Thanks.

Ruly’s 1st Album(Maktub Original Sound Truck)



1,Ruly’s Theme

2,Time of River

3,Charly of the night


5,The Sky of San cristobal

6,Mexican Circus

7,The Sky Falls


9,Muy Barato